Banning abortions is not enough

Banning abortions is not enough

Banning abortion is a step toward equality. But it's not sufficient. We must go further. Or go backward.

Abortion bans are good for equality

Generally, a man and a woman are equally involved in conceiving a baby. But currently the equality ends there.

The woman controls the decision of the baby's life. In other words, the woman can decide to abort the baby without the man's consent. The man has no control.

The woman also controls the decision of the baby's support. The woman can ask the courts to hold the man responsible for supporting the baby until age 18. Again, the man has no control.

If we believe in equality, something is wrong. If forcing men to be fathers is good, then obviously forcing women to be mothers is also good. That's equality.

Abortion bans are not enough for equality

If we want real equality, abortion bans don’t go far enough. Those only equalize one of the two primary decisions of reproduction, the question of life. We also need equality on the decision of support.

If men aren’t allowed to abandon a child, women shouldn’t be allowed either. Women should be forced to financially support their child until age 18, by paying a court-mandated minimum each month, just like men. If a woman suffers from a physical disability or mental health problem, let's consider that a mitigating factor but not an excuse, just like for a man. And if a mother can't afford the court-mandated amount, she should be arrested just like the father would be. That's equality.

Yes, this approach sounds horrific and dystopian. But it's the logical conclusion of our current thinking. So it hints our current thinking is flawed.

If abortion bans are wrong, child support is wrong

Women protesting against abortion bans often say, "my body, my choice." That is reasonable, even when another life hangs in the balance. Nothing in our physical world is more sacred than our own bodies. If we agree on that, then how should we approach child support?

Maybe we should follow the same principal regarding both decisions. Maybe what belongs to us should be ours to control.

Ironically, a notorious comedian has spoken eloquently about this idea. Dave Chappelle has said:

The right to choose is [women's] unequivocal right. Not only do I believe they have the right to choose, I believe they shouldn't have to consult anybody, except for a physician, about how they exercise that right. Gentlemen, that is fair.

And ladies, to be fair to us, I also believe if you decide to have the baby, a man should not have to pay. That's fair. If you can kill this motherfucker, I can at least abandon them. It's my money, my choice.

This is the logical conclusion of a free and equal people. This is equality that both men and women can live with, and support for each other. It is certainly not perfect, but it has the advantage of not being horrific or dystopian.

We should each get to control our own bodies and our own resources. That's real equality, which is why that's the future.