What is Mostly Up?

Government is dysfunctional.  Partisanship is rampant, and ugly.  The foundations of civilization are dissolving beneath our feet.  Society doesn't understand why, but the reason is ancient and effortless. We are violating the law of the jungle.

We are using government coercion recklessly. Using coercion against peaceful people gives them righteous cause to use coercion in return.  After all, they're the good guys – they were peaceful until their oppressors came along.

We like to think we have evolved beyond brutishness.  We may have improved, but we haven't changed.  We are still constantly oppressing each other, for every reason you can think of.  Our mechanisms of oppression have become more civil.  Majority rule is a contest won by fielding a larger army, better maneuvered.  We simply fight with ballots instead of spears, on laminated floors instead of muddy fields.  An advancement over carnage, no doubt.  And the degree of subjugation is less.  But it is subjucation still.

Human history is clear.  Peace leads to prosperity.  Prosperity leads to health, science, art and happiness.  In short, peace is our path out of savagery.  It is our ladder to utopia.

Let's climb that ladder.  Let's go up, and fulfill our potential in our universe.  It's okay if we make some mistakes.  We're only human.  As long as we're headed mostly up, we're going the right way.