Quick up: Send the kids to war

Should children whose "brains aren't fully formed" be forced to fight in wartime? One Congressman thinks so.

Quick up: Send the kids to war

At least one gun control advocate in Congress is struggling to reconcile his positions.  In particular, Representative Jerry Nadler (D-NY) says people aged 18 to 20 should not be allowed to own a gun because their "brains aren't fully formed".  He implies these people are still children.  However, he insists the government should still be able to force these children to fight during wartime.  Watch the short video – it's comical.

The exact words

In a hearing about raising the minimum age for firearm ownership from 18 to 21:

Nadler (D-NY): “We recognize different ages for different purposes. We recognize 18 for the draft. We recognize 16 for driving in some states. We recognize 21 for drinking. So, we recognize different ages for different purposes. That’s all I wanted to say,”

Massie (R-KY): "Could I have a second to engage that? Would [you] join me in sponsoring a bill to raise the draft age to 21?"

Nadler: "No."

Massie: “But the chairman feels that their brains aren’t fully formed at 18, 19, and 20?”

Nadler: “The research does indicate that, in certain respects. But the selective service needs – I mean, if the country needs people, it needs people.”

Massie: “It needs people whose brains aren’t fully formed?”

Nadler: “In certain respects, yes.”

Massie: “I yield back.”