The Hong Kongese want freedom; half-measures won't do.

Last week, a million Hong Kongese protested against a bill that would allow citizens of Hong Kong to be extradited to mainland China.  The government responded by pausing debate of the bill.  Rather than being gratified, the Hong Kongese were incensed.  They wanted the bill dropped forever.  The protests doubled in size this week, to two million.  And that's out of a population of 7 million, meaning almost 30% of the population was participating.

What is happening in Hong Kong makes America look feeble.  For example, only a few thousand people turned out in Washington D.C. to protest when Edward Snowden revealed the NSA was deliberately violating the 4th Amendment.  More broadly, Hong Kong ranks well above the United States on the Human Freedom Index and the Index of Economic Freedom.  It seems Americans have something to learn from the Hong Kongese when it comes to liberty.